I am a perinatal clinical psychologist at Northwestern University, with a specialization in understanding mothers and fathers unique contributions to the family and child health. My desire is to build health, equality, and strength in the family. 

I started my training at the University of Iowa where I received my doctorate degree in clinical psychology. I completed my internship and postdoctorate at Northwestern University, followed by joining the faculty for a research and clinical position. As an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, I conduct research on mood disorders in mothers and fathers during the perinatal period to examine the effects of hormones and psychosocial stress on parent's mood, parenting, and ultimately infant/child health outcomes. As an academic, I publish articles and give presentations on my perinatal research. My pursuits have expanded to giving speeches, consulting on projects, and writing OpEds for media on various topics including, but not limited to, father involvement in the family, gender equality in parenting roles, and effective parenting behaviors. 

About Me